Mikhail Lermontov - A Sail

Afar sail shimmers, white and lonely,
Through the blue haze above the foam.
What does it seek in foreign harbours?
What has it left behind at home?

The billows romp, and the wind whistles.
The rigging swings, and the tall mast creaks.
Alas, it is not joy, he flees from,
Nor is it happiness he seeks.

Below, the seas like blue light flowing,
Above, the sun's gold streams increase,
But it is storm the rebel asks for,
As though in storms were peace.

*  *  *
Translated by Babette Deutsch and Avrahm Yarmolinsky, 1927.

[Этот перевод для меня всегда служил эталоном - ВП]

Mikhail Lermontov


Far off at sea through thin blue hazes
A lone white sail is looming faint!..
What does he seek in distant places?
What he's in native land remained?..

Waves are at play, the mast is creaking
And bending under whistling breeze...
It is not fortune he is seeking,
Nor is a happiness he flees!

Above the sail the sun beam’s burning,
Beneath - the stream like azure flows,
But restless, he's for tempest yearning,
As if the tempests give repose!

English translation by Kovalevsky Vladimir

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