М. Лермонтов - Белеет парус... English translation

Mikhail Lermontov

The Sail

A lone white sail steadfastly glistens
Through azure mists afar at sea.
What does it seek in far-off distance?
What has it lost in native realm?

The waves break fast, the wind is clipping,
The mast is creaking as it sways.
Alas, it seeks no blissful being,
Nor does it run from happiness.

Below the sail are sky-blue currents,
Above are gold rays of the sun.
The rebel sail pleads for a tempest,
As though tempests bring the calm.



Белеет парус одинокой
В тумане моря голубом!..
Что ищет он в стране далекой?
Что кинул он в краю родном?..

Играют волны — ветер свищет,
И мачта гнется и скрыпит...
Увы! он счастия не ищет,
И не от счастия бежит!

Под ним струя светлей лазури,
Над ним луч солнца золотой...
А он, мятежный, просит бури,
Как будто в бурях есть покой!


The voice of mine was then falsetto
When I was singing in teen age:
"A lone white sail steadfastly glistens"* -
In far its white was seen so well ...

Those days are gone, so I see world wide
It's stretched right in front of me ...
A lone white sail steadfastly glistens -
It always does, being my pure star.

(Full version @ the another last romantic ©, Los Angeles, CA 2016 -
* - There is a phrase in a second line of first verse that belongs and and as such it is linked to the famous verse of 1832 of Mikhail Lermontov, Russian poet, the English translation of which is credited to Belyaeva Dina (stihi.ru/2012/07/09/978). I found it fully appropriate because in that author's interpretation "the white sail" has been carrying an action, but just appearance, e.g. "a lone white sail's in huge ocean", or content "a lone white sail - a hope of mine" etc.

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Interesting. thanks!

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Peeked at your blog. Could not help myself.

Turn around, the anonymous stranger,
Your immaculate gaze is akin.
Could you be me from previous ages?
We cannot spot us out from within.

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Thank you so much, maam, for your friendly smile and, especially, for visiting my blog ;-) Despite the scientific fact that I am really not from this world ...

The Home is in touch and Home does all care
What is her son on his way may face-off,
What does it cost to keep soul untouched.
No matter how | is angry black storm
In any case | just firmly staunch, Fellow,
Yup, keep all your staunchness, Fellow!


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