Demand the impossible

In every shore and size
You're better off on the golf course,
Stay in front,
She's slowly killing herself
And doesn't seem to want to stop,
It gets through to the average,
Keeping it there,
I can expect something that
Manages to be both innovative and popular,
It will go away again,
Truly, deeply, sadly.
She is haunted by romantic misfortunes,
I would always walk past a good girl to get a whore,
She seems to have been more attractive than she was likeable.
Survival pretty good epitaph,
The penguins are in the hardest place.
I'm putting chemistry back in the laboratory,
Drawing, dreams, machines and everything.
Whoopee! New fangled enthusiasm,
I have an easier ride into the mainstream,
Functionality, it wasn't all bad,
She's lost her balance,
This is the piece of happiness
That was always stayed with me.
Even in the most impossible situations.
I really believe in her power.
I need to push myself,
Roses, lilies and herbs,
I've got the immense feeling
Of satisfaction from taking on and completing challenges.
It gets her to dig deeper.
It's just about operating,
The limits of my own potential,
I wanna feel like I've really lived a life.
Go back to basics,
Update the classics,
You're too bloody young.
It can be restricted.
Here and there, as I have seen,
Wait and see, moral values,
Queens, I travel faster than anybody had ever done before
She offered a way to counter the growth of imitation fabric,
I represented the market for her look.