The romantic hero

I'm putting attention to the commodities market
And making production plans
Based on various predictions.
I make dramatic use of dissonance and frequently evoke
A reflective melancholic mood.
Stop her violence and romance.
The use of light and shade,
The window of my soul is the more grievous affliction.
I'm placing the individual at the centre of my macrocosm
To the right of the fresco.
Such pleasure would I choose
To sing beneath your window of love
You'll never lose,
My digital blues, dong, dong, dong, derry.
And if you'll not refuse,
I'll boldly sing of my hate
Night long until the dews.
My love for you is boundless,
Like lovebirds I enthuse,
The object of the game was my house of the dark cloud.
May I walk, may it be beautiful before me,
May it be beautiful above me?
May it be beautiful all around me?
In beauty it is finished.
Restore my mind for me,
The healing ceremony,
I'm the lion,
The future spring from the past.
We are the memory of mankind.
I received it free from all untruths,
It was created by lines
Cut into the plank surface of wood,
She made it clear.
I want it to wound me deeply,
I want it to electrify me,
I want it to break my heart or to exalt me,
I should be folding my hands upon your hair.
That character tries to understand itself.