I stop here waiting for you

I'm weeping tears,
I have to account,
It gives evidence of hostility
Between upper and lower social classes.
It opens my sexual fulfilment
With the coming of spring.
The darkness instantly fell
Where I stood.
Gleaming, getting dry,
I go back to my lonely house by the river,
Her heart sounds,
Her hands form a mudra
That indicates the wheel of the sky.
I dance the universe in and out of existence.
I give her one kiss,
I knew who she was.
Do you recognize me?
They turned and walked slowly away,
Her kiss was too wonderful
As all dreams I had.
This puzzling fantasy became
The fundamental ingredients of public processions,
Her regenerative bliss
And the ultimate oneness of human and divine energy.
Her divine revelation.
My eyes stream tears.
I am myself when I am awake.
Her hands are powerful enough to
Cure all the sickness in my soul,
I'm the suffering champion of humanity,
My imagination rules this world.