Life is...

* * *

Life is the flower of which love is the root.

3 August 2004

What is life?
- A string of days flying in a row.
All the joys and woes arrive
With concise hello.

Life is only truly friend,
Everything to share.
It's the loving shining eyes -
Flash beyond compare.

Name it heaven,
Call it hell,
Life is always right.

Life is feelings,
Thoughts and work,
Buskin-sock, delight!

Лев Френклах   21.12.2007 09:53     Заявить о нарушении
Any answer is right as long as it is love.

Thank you for sharing...:)

Ольга Муравьёва   21.12.2007 11:19   Заявить о нарушении
На это произведение написано 5 рецензий, здесь отображается последняя, остальные - в полном списке.