Hotel California... imitation of the Eagles

Morning… bein’ in a hurry
I forgot my black case
With my passport and money,
Somewhere in the room’s space;
Our tour bus was leavin’
For the Swiss city Bern,
So I lost my believin’ -
Future dimmy like Hell!..

Making call to the porter
Of that damned hotel,
Was assured as he promised,
It must be very well:
Said, my case would be finded
And delievered to me…
While through tunnels were drivin’,
I rubbed my tremblin’ knee!..

Keep well all your luggage, don’t be silly
Not to have big troubles
(Not to have big troubles)
Feelin’ like a mouse;
May be you wanna be a “cool self-killer” -
Just forget your case
(Just forget your case),
Makin’ stupid face!

After phone conversation
I calmed down a little bit,
‘Cause such nervous reaction
Could my heart make to split;
When we reached the new hotel
I stayed there and took place,
Waitin’ for the smart porter
That should bring devil’s case…

But I was there arrested
By the Switzerland police,
‘Cause was found some “bad food”
In the shred of blue jeans,
Which was hidden in some case
In that cursed hotel,
Almost haven’t got chances -
May be, some “magic spell”?!.. -
- Show me this case and I’ll lightly prove you
That it isn’t mine
(That it isn’t mine),
Tell me reason why
Need I, missin’ case with drugs, I surely
Ask this case to find
(Ask this case to find),
Like a naive child?!

…Tnen I hardly remember
All the further events:
Was about to surrender,
But it wasn’t my case!..
In a fortnight they catched
Real owner of drugs -
Case was his… Doesn’t matter -
My case was in the bus!

It’s mislaid beyond the bus sit -
Driver find it when trip
Finished, he took a taxi
And returned it to me -
To the Embassy of Russia,
I’m at home today…
Since then I shaved my moustashe
‘Cause dark hairs grow grey!

=)))) Очень понравилось!!!
Вот уж приключения, так приключения под музыку Иглс!!!=))))

С улыбкой...

Анатолий Зайцевский   09.01.2010 05:51     Заявить о нарушении
Я рад, Анатолий, что Вам понравилась эта "переделка"
"в Вашем стиде" (ну, то есть, на иную, чем описывается в исходной песне,
Кстати, я набрался наглости "замахнуться" на "Богемскую рапсодию"
группы "Queen" - одну из лучших, ИМХО, и сложнейших песен в жанре
рок-музыки (включая "глэм-рок")... Долго "рожал" идею, но сегодня
написал за где-то за часик:)))
Если Вам интересно, то вот ссылка...

Владимир Хорошевский   09.01.2010 15:50   Заявить о нарушении
На это произведение написаны 3 рецензии, здесь отображается последняя, остальные - в полном списке.