Wife and brawl

(перевод Игнатова А.А.)

It was smoothly but now is upside-down
Your quite house has turned around.
The plates are flying; yourself is out.
The reason is - wife & brawl.

There cur has hided under the plaid,
The cigarette smoke can’t save.
And slowly howl pushes the ears-
Now wife & brawl drive to tears.

Jumble on work has just begun -
Any trifle is failed to be done.
The boss is bawling: “Fucking hole!”
You can not reply: “Wife & brawl!”

But there could be another bit,
When you’re married, when lead,
When you manage them all -
Lord, forbid wife & brawl!

Hey-ya, men! Beware of yourself!
No sleep, marines; SS-18 from hell!
Satan invites to world-cup football -
This is result of wife & brawl.

So may be you’ve climbed
Onto the sill. Goodbye to your mind…
Goodbye to the will... Goodbye to it all…
No! Too much price of wife & brawl!

Buy the flowers nevertheless,
Get new socks and please dress,
Be early at home in such brilliant style
And don not brawl anymore with wife!