Сломанный сердце Летом -

How could thing just happen?
though she has always been awared of it....
How could thing just come such cruelly?
though that's just what she has been feeling and realizing....
What a cruel strike to her as a result of heart is broken again.
The truth is that she never had any delusions, about you.
The truth is that she strongly understands one thing, do not ever think of it.

This Summer, again is very sad and bad like last year.
Flowers are fading away and seem like to cry over and over again
There're so much tear drops in the air

Even her voice is getting hoarse
Eyes has been swollen for crying
Even the sleepless nights come here again
Each hit of the storm outsite the windows
Each heart-beat sounds which is just like the waves of life
Emotion is  falling deep down somewhere
What can she say

Only, thousands of Thanks.

Дева Гвардии