Jesus is the Way

1. You're feeling down and there is sadness in your heart,
   You feel that horrid pain that is breaking you apart
   There's nobody to help you and you can't runaway,
   But Jesus can protect you and take your pain away.
Jesus is the way! (Jesus is the way)
He's the only way to take your pain away!(Take off your pain away)
You are in His hands, every single day
You've just got to pray and He's gonna take your pain away!

He is the way (Only one way, One way) 2x
There is no other way, To take your pain away! 2x

2. You feel like you're not moving forward, you're exhausted to fight
   It got darker and you cant see what's wrong and what is right
   But Jesus can lead you to the concept of life,
   He can provide you the most brightest light.

(C) Zoya Naumchik