calm down

keeping calm and going down the river
east and west stop beating in your ears
Time to leave and live, begin to hear
what is near by your ancient fears

keeping cold, i hold you in my heart
since you've taught me how to touch and break the limits
it's the Sun around, it gently covers us
winter kisses our lips like true beginners

How to speak your voice and hear it in a time
now i'm closed for wind like house windowless
just a little girl with heart, that's full with crime
should we stay at once, becoming fearless?

should we go - sunrise above the roofs?
summer's waiting us for hundred millions years
and no matter what you say - your voice of truth
whispers in my heart and dances in my ears

вот же блин проверка знаний))) и ведь я ни разу не заглянула в словари))) круто блин) когда ты стала писать по английски?

Алинхенъ   04.02.2012 01:28     Заявить о нарушении
ой, я когда-то писала уже. но это, скорее так, исключение. не думаю, что войдет в систему)

Пащенко Анастасия   05.02.2012 12:12   Заявить о нарушении