Sandpit generals

we're sandpit generals, that's our name
our life is here, our home is here
by seven winds our stories came
we sleep in tears, we're battling fears
we're sandpit generals, that's our name
by seven winds our stories came

i started out in the city slums
and tender words i never heard
you and your kids would play with plastic guns,
while i would starve, and nearly froze
don't look away from me, don't hate my world
for none of this has ever been my fault

for what have you forsaken me, for what?
where is my nest, where is my den?
you turn me down in your vain and haught--
but just like you, i am a man!
you always pray your gods to take you in
and those gods forgive your every sin

you knew your mothers' kindness and caress
i knew not mine, just in the nights
when golden dreams is all a child has,
my mother came in shiny lights
oh ma, if only i could meet with you
my load would surely get much lighter, too
the land of villas and skyscrapers high
from every window, blinding light
if only i could gather all my might
not one my claim would be denied
so open doors, let me into your world
for none of this could ever be my fault

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*я не Аугусто, я Хромой!*

очень классно перевел и поется легко

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Спасибо. За рубежом нашим уличным гитаристам петь

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