Taste My Soul

Come to me, taste my soul,
Give your knee, take off all;
Be my guest, eat and drink,
Have a rest on the brink…

Lend white breasts for the kiss,
Take my breath, dear miss,
Hear the heart’s speeded beats,
Magic sounds… Honey, please

Sing a song, tell me, why
Are you smart but so wild,
What’s your dream, what d’you like?..
Catch wind’s stream, take my bike,

Let us drive far away,
Where’s sweet life every day!..
Can’t you break your mom’s plans? -
Burnin’ brain, tremblin’ hands…

It’s too hard without you-
Don’t lose mind, don’t feel blue,
Let me know what’s my fault,
Taste my soul!.. Here’s too cold…

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