Calm Down Please

Let's be real now, our life can be rough sometimes
Perhaps it is full of regrets, downs, failures, and lies
But why there's still fights going on and people get hurt?
We should peacefully live because our life is quite short

Calm down please, enjoy the peace
For the rest of your life, let the love be on your side
Don't worry be happy, believe for the best
Because there is a plan in His hands

Why there are mass killings, and all the evil going on?
Why there are people who are putting others down?
Why there's aggression between other nations?
Why there's no solution to society's degradation?

Questions arise on how the world should be changed
We should definitely act, a  movement must be arranged
By making a difference, and letting values to flow
That way we'll change the world and have people move on

We should not condemn others when there's God who can judge
Why can't we just love one another and keep shining our light
We should start acting humane, stand up for a moment
Take our time changing our lives, and start praying for them.

We must have a vision that comes from Creator
That will make our world's functioning better
We should stop hurting and blaming one another
Instead, we must start caring and helping each other.

(C) Zoya Naumchik