The rain of the leaves

The rain of the leaves
The path of your dreams
Palms on your knees
Forgetting the bees
Finding the peace
In the middle of this
Looking for light
In every darken eye
In every species that wild
In every unknown sound
In every road that goes
Weather on the south or the north
Wearing just white peace of clothes
Holding the knife, knowing the fire
Every second you smile
And people admire
Looking inside into your heart
Watching the steps
Getting the answers
Learning yourself and the others
Walking to the sun
Counting the stars
Reading by shadows
And between the lines
Being a friend of frogs and lions
Poor and rich, children and elders
And please always remember
Beauty of every moment comes
when you close your eyes
Stay there forever, helping and teaching
Be always aware that you are not a lonely guy
In the middle of the town or when you climb
Up to the mount, down to the mind...
Being the truth, the path and the witness
Being here and now...