May God - Дай Бог!


Author: Y. Yevtushenko        (Автор: Е. Евтушенко)
Translation: S. Gasparyan     (Перевод: С. Гаспарян)


May God give back the eyes to blind
And straighten out hunchbacked people.
May you become God, just for a little while
Although, you can't be crucified a little.

May God avert you from the reign,
And from heroical deception.
May you acquire wealth without vain,
Assuming that it is an option.

May God make you into a tough cookie,
Never devoured by anybody's gang.
Make you not victim, nor a butcher.
Make you not beggar, nor a nobleman.

May God provide you less torn wounds
Throughout big ongoing slaughters.
May you not lose your native grounds
While traveling to lands of others.

May God not let your countrymen
Give you the boot to feel improper,
And may your spouse never end
To love you, even when you're pauper.

May God forever silence lips that lie,
To hear His voice in children's cries.
May God allow us to witness Christ,
If not as man, perhaps, in woman's guise.

We carry crosslessness - not crosses,
While bending scantily for Him!
May God reveal Himself to masses
To not lose faith in everything!

May God grant everything to everyone,
So that no one's exasperated...
May God grant everything, but only that,
For which no one's humiliated!

April 9, 2015

I like it! Thank you!!!

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Thank you for liking it! :)

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