What My Mama Said

My mama taught me values, not to waste my life, not to waste my life.
She told me to stay happy, and dream big all the time, dream big all the time.
I was a child, sometimes I couldn’t understand the things she meant
But I still tried to do the good stuff, ‘cause I remembered in my head what my mama said.

She said,
Don’t you ever stop dreaming
Always do your best, keep on believing
Never ever stop doing what you love
Just keep it going, I know you’re really strong. (2x)

At age of fourteen, I went to school, I went to school.
Back at the time I was quite naive, but not a fool.
I’ve had my pink sunglasses on, I thought they were so cool
But my eyes have opened as I grew.

While I was growing up, I learned my life was turning real
Life wasn't careless anymore it wasn’t that ideal.
No more fairytales were flying in my head,
As I was changing as a person, I remembered what my mama said.

At times, I thought of doing things that weren’t good to me,
I looked up for ways to chase my dreams, I couldn’t find that special key.
One day my mama entered room then saw me when I prayed
She talked to me, and said a prayer that I still remember to this day.

(c) Zoya Naumchik
April 21, 2015