Worthless Game

1. Like the shining twilight, sometimes I see the world outside of me.
Every road and highway reluctantly takes me when it’s planned by me.      
I turn to the right, to the left, I go around and then decide to come back again.
I get in a fight, compromise myself, but it seems to be a worthless game.

2. Roads may seem to be endless, but that’s the way I learn to find my path.
The only route, and one direction is the love that I shall cultivate and pass.    
I turn to the right, to the left, and then I hear the voice and tells me 'keep going straight.
Because I can’t just let myself fall down, I need to find that one uplifting way.

It’s love, love, love, love, love, it's gonna change me all. It's love, love it's gonna save the world.

3. Often I see the riddle - pretentious people dressed in suits, always rushing.
In an empty city alike a widow inside of which they work hard for nothing. 
In the dark, they play a worthless game that I'd no longer want to play, no longer want to play.                                              
I choose true love with the shining light and now I view the world in a humble way.


Share your Love 2x

I didn't even know that I was lost but now I am found, yeah baby!                
I didn’t know that when I’ll walk so straight I’d have no doubt at all.                  
It’s always possible when love is in your heart                 
Believe in true love…in true love, in true love ‘cause it’ll never break apart.
Oooo… yeah…
Share you love 4x                                        
It's gonna change us all.

(c) Zoya Naumchik
January 2015