Dont Be Afraid of You

If you can hear, please listen now
If you can see, just look around
Be nothing but yourself.
Don’t be afraid of you.

Erase bad memories right now
Nothing’s gonna keep you down
You aren't giving up.
Just try to live it up.

So don’t be afraid to show who you’re really are
Do what you love – go catch a shooting star.
Stand up like a champion for what you believing in,
Keep doing your thing, oh, baby
Don’t be ever afraid of You.

Real nature, clouds, all streams and trees
It’ll calm you down and it’ll give you peace
No more catastrophe
Just feel the harmony

Take off that mask, feel free right now
Accept the real you, you’re allowed
Start from the brand new page
Break free and take the stage

You aren’t giving up.
Always live it up
You’re gonna keep it up
Just try to paint it up
Tu dooo..tu du du..
Don’t be afraid of you.

April 13, 2015
(c) Zoya Naumchik