Your Love is True

Can’t you just love me and accept me for who I am inside?
Screw my outside look, it doesn't  matter, leave it on the side.
Although some masks from masquerade may seem as tempting happiness
The passion that is deep inside my heart outweighs this sort of emptiness.

Pre chorus:
It’s like the wind that passes through
You may feel it, but don’t see it.
Ooh.. They are no words to describe this view.
A tender feeling connected me and you.

Me and you, me and you, me and you, oh, oh. 2x

Keep loving inside of me, that way I know your love is true. 2x
Your Love is true, Your Love, Yeah baby! Ooh. ooh.
Your love is true 2x Oooh, ooh.

Why don't you wanna keep it real and love me just until we die?
It's kind of tough, I am sure you love me-you gotta tell me, please don't lie.
I wanna be with you forever, can't you feel that anymore?
Just simply love for what I am inside, and listen to your heart a little more.

(c) Zoya Naumchik