Take Me Away

Even though, I am still stuck in here
I don't wanna bother anyone right now
I'd rather have my own space,
I'll figure out how.

Days are like a fleeting shadow,
They're not everlasting, they dry out really fast.
So show me that sensational place,
Lead me where I belong.

Pre chorus:
Take me away, take me to New York City, to L.A. California,
To the city of angels and big dreams.
Somewhere in the West, South or the East.
I'd take an Europe trip to London, Paris, Rome and Madrid.

Take me away somewhere where I can learn and grow
Then see entire crowded world,
Take me away where I'll be jumping high to reach the sky,
Yet I'll be standing firm.
Tudo Tudo tudo tutu tu...tudo tudo tudo.
Take me away, take me away, somewhere where I belong

I am waiting and trying to look ok.
Although, I am afraid it's gonna be too late
I can hardly see any signs or wonders 
I have realized that some things are not what they really seem to be   
So show me the way I should go,
Lead me where I belong.

(c) Zoya Naumchik
May 20, 2015