Now you say that I am talented, smart, witty and beautiful
But do you really mean it though?
Tomorrow you're acting like you don't know me anymore,
You've decided to cut me off.

Funny, funny. Ooh, you're so funny
I thought you were real, but you never were
No, no not at all. Oh, no not at all (2x)

I am accepting the way you are, I am treating you very well
But it seems like you don't really care.
And I am sure you know that I didn't do anything wrong to you,
I didn't hurt you anyway.


When I am talking to you sometimes, you pretend that you're listening
But I feel like you're not hearing me at all.
You're obsessed with proving something, you're always acting so funny,
And the thing is you actually know.


If you could accept me for who I am
I'd feel a lot better about myself
If you could remove your endless chains of lies?
That way you could be real with me sometimes.

Oooh... Funny.

(c) Zoya Naumchik
September 19, 2015