I Am Who I Am

Sometimes, I wish I could have wings so I could fly just like a dove in the sky,
Wherever I would really want to I could fly.

But then I couldn't speak at all or even say a word.
Thank God I am a human being, I have a will to say what I really want.

I would rather be out of my comfort zone, I'd do what I haven't tried before
So I could overcome my fears, learn and explore.

Sometimes, during the day I wanna take a walk alone
Think a bit about my entire life, then get my thoughts together on my own.


Sometimes I wanna take a bite of a fudgy cake
I wouldnt mind having a cup of tea alone or with my faithful friends

Sometimes I wouldn't mind running in a heavy rain   
It feels so different, somewhat fun, fresh and a little bit insane.

Sometimes I wanna dance and jump around just like a kid
When I'm with my homies in downtown, I'm goofing off like a funny circus clown.

Hey you, I don't really care what haters gonna say
I know that haters always gonna hate, they don't deserve anyone's debate. 

Be a human, be yourself
Enjoy a moment, take a chance
Start a movement, shout out and dance
Hashtag I am who I am
I am who I am don't judge me 'cause only God can. (second time)

(Rap begins)
I am not that kind of girl that takes off clothes in the movie scenes or music videos
Yeah.  I don't drink, do drugs, nor smoke. And never tried it all. Oh please, you go ahead and call me crazy if you want?
I mean that's what I've chosen. I have a right to let you know. But, at the end we'd either have to win or lose, you know.
I am not saying I am so holy, I'm not trying to accuse. I am just saying without any excuse.
I am not an angel, but I go to church 'cause I don't wanna fall behind, then lose my soul. That's not my life goal. Oh no no no. No, not at all.
And I don't get the people who say you can't have it all without money, fame, drugs, or alcohol. Oh no.
And I don't get the buzz when you're not involved in this, I feel its dope when you have power to say NO to emptiness, oh yes.
I mean people, what's the problem y'all?
Without my guess, I do express... yes.  Ooh.

(c) Zoya Naumchik
 July 19, 2015