When Fire Melts

I've been deep down underwater
I ran out of breath and couldn't help myself
It was cold inside and I was drowning, I was on the verge of death
You were my lifeguard, you came right by my side
Your burning fire raised me up and stopped the fight-it melted icy soul inside.

When fire melts my frozen heart
I get a little warmer
I know you're drawing closer   
I am breaking down, I am crying out
Please stay a little longer
Your love makes me feel stronger
'Cause it's your looove oooh wuoh
Wuoh uh oh oh 2x 

I was doubting, I was trying-didn't understand what was going on
In the wrong place, but in the right time
You were there for me, it wasn’t just one time
My days were rough, and I was overwhelmed
I needed help when I was down and by myself
But then the fire burned on.


I am changing here and there, deep inside my heart, deep inside my heart, oh
Now everything has changed deep inside my heart ooh

(c) Zoya Naumchik
 August, 12 2015