Long Lasting Love

1. We can build together lines and bridges,
   We can move some mountains, and larger stones.
   We can change the world exactly how we want.
   The time has come and brought us all together.
   Time is healing wounds in our hearts.
   Together we can fight - stand up for what is right.

If we have enduring love inside of our hearts.
We can win it all. Ooh.

Through our long-lasting love, we'll be forever young. Ooh ooh
The time is coming soon, our time has started now. Ooh ooh

2. The time is on our side we can see that clearly.
   Nothing's gonna stop us from spreading love,
   We are here together-we are not alone.
   Everyone can see that we have a purpose,
   We will shine our light wherever we will go.
   It's time for us to start and let it go.

(c) Zoya Naumchik
June 3, 2015