Welcome To My Home

Welcome to my place, come in. Don't have to stand alone, my friend
I'll give you a cup of tea, you can drink my reality.
Maybe it's your first time here, but this is my home, my dear
That's where my heart belongs, that's why I sing my songs.
Where I can do whatever I'd really love, welcome to my cozy world.

I am free ooh oh
I can see ooh oh
I am free ooh oh
Come with me ooh oh
Free like a dove, I can fly where I'd love 
Sky is above, welcome to my home.

Welcome to my home, my dear. You don't have to leave at all, stay here
I don't want you to be just a guest, I invite you to be my friend.
You're kind of far away from me, I can come and get you and you'll be near
Come out of the shadow somehow, break free and I'll see you right now.
Let's have some tea and tell me how've you been.
No need to fear, cause I am here.


(c) Zoya Naumchik
November 14, 2015