Chaos In My Head

It’s been a long rough journey, with ups and downs, I must confess
I'm always on the road, going somewhere far and looking for that special something, finding who you are.
They often say, "it's all up to you now, that you just gotta believe it
And then you will achieve it," for sure doesn't sound wrong to me at all.   
But hey, too much pressure is a maze that's where I’ve been stuck,
There's not a lot of space and it’s hard to find way back.

The chaos in my head attempts to puzzle my mind, it seems too complicated
I am stressing out and I don't even know why I get so irritated
I need you here to make me feel alive so I could live like I'm in paradise, all free.
I am sure you'll bring more joy into my life, I won’t feel isolated. No more. Because of you.
Dup dup dup La la la la la la la (2x)
Your peace and love will make me feel better.
La la la la (1x) the chaos in my head should be gone by now forever.

Everyday is like a battle. I am fighting for the change. My goal is to overcome this struggle by digging deeper,
I'm fighting till the pain goes away, its like a game. But instead, I am left with nothing.
Even people say "it's not ok, now this is getting tight"
Then I ask myself am I even here, am I doing alright? Am I living it right? 
I am gonna have to take a deeper breathe now and cool it down a little for upcoming round
'Cause too much chaos in my mind is gonna wear me down.

When I am holding your hands, I feel fire inside my bones, now I am awaken
Glowing warmth that’s coming from your love embraces me along the way, I am not forsaken
You’re my solution to the puzzle pieces in my mind that seem complicated
No more chaos in my head, I am leaning on your hand. I am born again, and I feel protected.

(c) Zoya Naumchik

February 18, 2016