Say Goodbye

Say goodbye to who you were yesterday
Take a chance or it's gonna be too late
Now start something new, you don't even have to wait
'Cause you're more than you think you are
Just let it out, I know you're brave.

Look out, get ready here I come
'Cos you're my reason number one
Don't wanna lose my soul, I'd rather share my light with everyone
Come on, let's show the world how it's done
Let's fly together to chase the sun
But say good bye, say goodbye, say goodbye ooh
Say good bye to all the rain that was yesterday.

It's hard sometimes to say hello to something new
But it's all up to you if you wanna make a move
Stay at the top of your game, 'cos no one is gonna do it for you
Don't get lost if your heart is staying true 
Just like a warrior keep fighting through.

When I wake up in the morning, I feel the change is coming slowly
I try to put the past behind me, I am waiting for the rain to go away
If I say goodbye I'll die a little but my wounds are striving for a healing
Now tell the pain I said farewell, I want a new beginning and the end.

(c) Zoya Naumchik
April 15, 2016