Tiny monster

There’s little monster deep inside
Of you and me – we cannot hide.
This creature lives inside of us,
He plays with anger and with fuss.

He’s getting stronger when you’re mad.
He likes you being furious or sad.
Your dark emotions give him force
To steal control and – he’s on horse!

He tricks your mind in such a way
That all your limbs and mouth obey
The monster’s orders. Dusted eyes
Make you a puppet in his ties.

Just one insult jumps from your tongue –
Dark monster-lord awakes to run
His dirty business in your head:
The call to troops is to be spread!

He’s bored to be alone and thus
He needs a monster-team to cuss.
First order goes to you:
- "Yell, scream:
«Wake up all troublers, join my stream!», -

Provoke more people to get mad
By mocking, beating… Go ahead!"
And you, marionette, set mess,
You put your relatives to stress.

You hurt the people all around.
Your mind not anymore looks sound.
And that is to the truth so close.
You cannot see beyond your nose.

The monsters claws are in your soul.
You have lost all of your control.
The body’s yours but neither acts,
You are not you – such are the facts.
He’s master of the scream and fight,
He spoils all that could be right.
He’s happy crashing all around.
Can the escape from him be found?

И - эх жизнь моя жестянка!
ария Водяного из мультика.

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