The Dream That Wasn t Much Desired

I dreamed a dream about a house where I belong no longer.
The wooden roof still looked aloof, but walls were getting stronger,
The ocean of potato fields has found another shore,
I dreamed a dream about the house where I belong no more.

I saw a row of vivid stones built during Stalin’s age
(With wooden cabins nearby they were seeming strange),
I heard drunk people call it all “the middle of nowhere”,
I dreamed a dream about the house. Come in? I wouldn't dare.

I watched it like a stupid show broadcasted every night.
Though sun was stinging like a bee, I couldn't feel its light.
Unless I had been there before, it wouldn't be so sad -
That was a dream about the house where everyone is dead.

Where are you now, long-haired girl with deerlike hazel eyes?
Who teaches you to save the truth from drunkards telling lies?
She must have vanished in the rain or caught another train...
I dreamed a dream about the girl I’ll never be again.

Her body’s buried in the house she used to call her home,
Her soul is running through the field like green oceanic foam,
She wants to be a grown-up soon – short-haired, sober, tired.
She dreams inside another dream that wasn't much desired.

I’ll burn the house, I’ll burn the stones, I’ll burn the flooded field,
I’ll bury those with heady eyes – they are already killed.
I’ll bury everything I had – is this the way ahead?
But dreams are dreams – the never burn. They make us burn instead.


Katya! In other words, a dream that makes us dreaming of no dream. Nice))

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