Good morning

I'm not fighting. Neither with you, nor with myself, nor with the wind, nor with God
For our Love.
The greatest nonsense - to rush on the blades of mills,
Hence, -
Fighting for already existing, alive, trembling, - quixotism.
When I wake up, I do not think about our separations,
Do not sweep hundreds of lightning in the chest of Kronos,
I smile at you through the sun's rays,
Dressing up the smile with their gold,
And I wish you a good morning and a sunny day.

I do not fight for our love, I do not wait for the future,
Slippery and nowhere written.
I just know - you're right now coming to the mirror,
Piercingly peering into your eyes, and,
You are seeing in each one of them, - me.
Inalienable. Living in all your shells,
Flowing through your veins, bringing light and tenderness ...

The day when you will love mirrors again, - the charms of the mills will be destroyed.