I Spit on You

Don't call me any more,
Don't tell me that you're mine.
I'm not looking for a whore,
I'd better drink my wine!


I spit on you!
You're not my choice!
These were the words
Screamed by my voice.

I don't wanna you with me,
My love is gone as you can see.
There is nothing of it at all,
I have another girl I'm gonna call.


I am o'key,
Yes, I'm alright.
I'm gonna say
I'll spend the night (with her, not you surely).


You should have thought
Of me before.
I've had enough!
I'm not looking for a whore!

Refrain - 2 times.

(1986, this was a part of an elaborate plan to get her angry and her brain twisted. But I could not end this plan.  I'm very sorry for this song. Later: Oh, I'm not!  Even later: OK... - a part of Lena's story).