And I go searching you all over...

Time to admit the situation:
There is a stranger on my mind.
I won't be seeking for salvation.
I might forget you in a night.

But now... I'm so uneven-hearted.
Can't get you out of my head.
I don't remember when it started.
Moreover, it can never end.

And I go searching you all over,
Just for a chance to steal a glance,
To feel my heartbeat getting slower,
To look into your noble eyes.

I've never heard the way you're speaking.
No wonder if you just don't know
Of me. But still it doesn't weaken,
It doesn't hurt. It's not a blow.

So mazed, deranged, but, hope, sincere,
I'm walking down an empty street.
Embarrassed if my feels are real.
I don't know if they should exist.

p.s.: the head asked for some music, and the head gave some music, so now I'm just playing this stuff like a song :) (with some slight changes from the lyrics here) alive again :)