The shelter of abandoned riffs

Sometimes you drive with no more sorrows
And listen to the awesome solos
Of Mr.Moore and Mr. Murray.
Then - rain comes out with a fury.

The floods are leading you astray.
The only hope to find the way -
Sinister lighting - sparkling high -
Illuminates half of the sky.

The wind is roaring like a monster,
Just like the beast you never foster.
It's deep inside to drive you mad,
But not tonight. Boot out this threat!

It's not that hard: jump to the mansion
Of long-awaited liberation -
The shelter of abandoned riffs.
It's waiting for your fingertips.

The rightest place to be a paintress,
To kill your fears and make them dateless.

Stay dauntless in the face of pain
To live through every feel again.

So many things to give a shake
Before the dawn begins to break.

It's normal for the heart to bleed.
Here comes the minute to get rid
Of all the trash you think about.
Pluck up and scream it out loud.

It's so confusing on the Earth
To tell the blessing from the curse.
You never win a brutal storm,
But, dude, it makes you love your home.