A throw of a dice

There was: a throw of a dice,
First nod to a fellow-ranger,
First try to see in a stranger
What cannot be seen with the eyes.

There was: unearthly bliss,
Six nights of sweetness and splendour,
So tremulous, so full of candour,
So close to the gaping abyss.

There was: silent quicksand,
Lips pursed and words unspoken,
Then – mending what had been broken.
A new chance, unhoped-for, unplanned.

There were: two souls allied,
The right side, the wrong side* showed.
And there will be: a long sun-lit road
That goes on and invites for a ride.


*The right side - the finished or upper side of a fabric or cloth.
The wrong side - the inner or under side, the one with seams.