Dream on, no matter what

Dream on , no matter what
I repeat these words all the time.
Let the Sun disappear , let it be dark
I will stand on my road , going ahead.

He is not by my side.
He's forgotten my name.
I was down , was gloomy
was so upset.
But the Earth is still moving
There are many birds.
And the seeds in the ground
give life , give us bread.

I'll be happy again.
I will smile , I will laugh.
I will hold his existence
very deep in my head .

Many days , many months, many years will pass.
in my final death agony I will shout his name.

Dreams are akin to ancient inscriptions carved on the walls or pillars of half-ruined temples… Many pass them by heedless of the beauty hidden within… Thus they linger for many ages until one day a dreamer stops nigh and gazes upon the olden runes in wonder and reverence... Lo! The meaning contained within is revealed, for the dreamer takes on the torch of ancestors and forges a path forward with his honorable deeds… Dreams are eternal, for they wait for a dreamer… Let their flame endure beyond the end of time in worthy hands!

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