Reunion time

Magnificent, delighted and attractive
Demidkovo has always been for me.
The energy  I get from  everywhere:
The river, nature, beach and every tree
The beauty of the place inspires greatly
The feeling of uniqueness is inside
The shining eyes of chilren are amazing
They make each person here smile
The spirit of the camp is in the air
The drama King and Queen ahead
All troubles and the fears disappear
And everyone is ready for a quest
Reunion time of present past and future
Is ecoing in sparkling universe
And each of us has no  doubts
That BV camp is surely the Best.

Мне кажется русский язык богаче и красивее.
Пермское Демидково по своей красноте и природе является одним из лучших
Катюша, расскажи нам русскими строками)))
С теплом Андрей

Андрей Новицкий   19.11.2018 22:13     Заявить о нарушении