Hope and Faith

1 couplet

The world goes on Earth
Life boils up
People live, sing,
And create their own world
And then the war came,
People are dying and life around,
From the destruction and the onset of evil!
Help and save
The lives of people and the life around,
And only one will help us!

2 times Chorus

God help!
Save our hearts!
You are our hope!
And faith to you is connected !,
Help us!,
Or we will be lost!
In the days of war and house !,
We believe in you!,
And from you alone!
Holy Hope !,
Your holy soul !!

After chorus

Hope and Faith !,
With us forever!
Just believe and hope!
For the best of times and the world!
And life around you!
And there will be happiness!
And love later !,
If God will save us!
Those who believe !,
Hope in the soul for good!
And help from heaven!

2 couplet.

Cities are raging now,
But once here on Earth,
There was a battle of a thousand worlds
For freedom, love and home !,
But one day people fought evil!
Believing and hoping for a miracle
For good from heaven,
Just heavenly defense!
Out of faith and hope!

2 times Chorus and so on.

3 couplet.

Do not be afraid of the enemy
Believe and fight
Hope to win
And the last hope
Which you get
If you believe
In good and in victory,
God and power
Coming from heaven !,
Just trust and believe!
And defeat evil!
This is all you need in battle
And to defeat evil !!

3 times Chorus and so on.