Broken heart

1 couplet

Sometimes think
And you sit by the window
And the tears flow inside without end,
I don't want anything
And peace there in heaven,
No place for me here
Sometimes you want happiness
But it does not work
Achieve love
And instead,
One eternal pain !,
Which follows me!


Break my heart!
Tears, like rain inside!
Dripping eye drops!
Why did you love me!?,
And she forgot and left me!?,
Why should I lie!?,
What do you love me!

After chorus

My broken heart!
Where there are no words, but only pain!
Which screams and knocks!
To answer and hear
What a traitor you are !,
In the depths of my soul!
I hate you!
And your eternal lie!
But they will help me !,
Angels love me!
And they are with me!
And you go away! It hurts me !,
When are you here!
My enemy is my soul and heart!

2 couplet.

Sometimes you don't want to live,
Darkness pulls to the bottom
Makes you die,
Commit suicide
It is not possible to live
From such pain
It does not pass,
And will pass from the good of others
Torments me !,
Which are you !,
Pierced with a knife!

2 times Chorus and so on.

3 couplet.

Stop lying,
Talking nonsense
It says darkness,
With your tongue
And you
No strength to endure
I want to sing
To let go of everything and forget,
From the soul forever !,
And the heart of eternal pain,
In the chest from your words of the enemy!

2 times Chorus and so on.

4 couplet.

Everything will be fine,
I believe in love,
And in god and guardian,
Who cherish me
Saints and saints
The former light of hope
Which keeps
And my wounds will heal,
Once after all broke,
In tatters my heart!

3 times Chorus and so on.