1 couplet

There are lessons at school
The same thing every day
It is normal
School day,
But sometimes there are people
With which you can,
Talk and agree,
Agree to help and support,
And this is my team! In my class!,
Like in Paradise!

Chorus 2 times

Classmates !,
My school team
Where are my friends
My family,
I'm used to
And not boring with her,
Go till the end,
And together we can do everything
And even fly!

After chorus

Classmates !,
Boys, like bros,
Ladies like angels
With which,
You can talk
Whatever your soul wants
But never to anyone
Do not trust for anything!

2 couplet.

Sometimes you sit at the desk
And waiting for the end of the lesson,
You pack up and go out
Running to the next lesson
And not one, but the whole crowd
Your friends who go to class with you,
And together one force
Who came from heaven
As many as 29 people per class,
Namely my classmates!

2 times Chorus and so on.

3 couplet.

Fun is not boring
I was with you
If earlier I had fear
That is now in my opinion matured
And I'm not afraid of anything anymore
And if I need to contact,
I will call for help
Those who knew me
In the second house,
Where is the crowd that knows
Like your classmate!
In his team at home!
Where the school is, there you are again!
We saw and found out
Each other again !,
This is my classmates!
Which I will never forget !!

3 times Chorus and so on.