XX century


Twentieth Century!,
Great losses !,
Warrior and defeat !,
On the whole Earth !,
In the 45th years of war!
When was the USSR!
Then became another country
And the world has become different, Not
Modern and uneasy
And our age has passed,
How many events and times!
In your twentieth century!

After chorus

First and second!
It was the world!
Civil and water !,
Air battle!,
Our heroes!
Where the heroes fell!
But the twentieth century !,
Our great hero !,
Time! Twentieth Century!

2 After Chorus

Twentieth Century!,
A century of warrior and evil !,
Robbery and theft!
Great left!
For example, Yesenin and Tolstoy!
Chekhov and Tsvetaeva !,
And the time of the old warrior!
Million people!
Died in the war !,
In the world wars!

3 After Chorus

Twentieth Century!,
A century of two big crosses!
Time of past heroes!
And great and great victories!
Above the enemy from afar!

4 After Chorus

Twentieth Century!,
Eternal world of crosses! (5 times)

1 couplet

From the king to Yeltsin,
From conventional war,
To civil at the end,
So many times in you,
O great stretch of time
And there are no words, but thoughts about you!
O great age of crosses!
And great victories in the war!

Chorus and so on.

2 couplet.

Do not forget about us
And we remember
You and the events inside,
Houses of light
Darkness and chaos
Where it makes no sense
To keep peace and quiet
Negotiations between worlds,
In times of crosses!

Chorus and so on.

3 couplet.

Don't go away
Oh great times
I want to return and fix,
Wars, mistakes,
And terrible sins
Remove the remains of evil
Which almost came up
But quickly disappeared
From the world forever
Where the world lives and peace!

Chorus and so on.

4 couplet.

Faith and hope
Battles and times
How many events
And people were in the world
And they fought with evil
But it got strength,
And the blood shed blood
And after all the century of the lost worlds!

Chorus and so on.

5 couplet.

Century fighters,
And great people
Great changes
Days lived
In the world of crosses,
And space stars,
And the stars explode!
And they object again!
Like a phoenix of times!
In times of crosses!

Chorus and so on.

6 couplet.

How can,
Talk about a century
About the deeds and eternal deeds,
The lives of centuries
Shackled hands,
In the hell camps !,
Blockade! Hell for people!
Horror and fear of the soul!
Which probably still!
Not gone from those times!
Battle and bloody fields!
And scary times!
Wars and crosses!

Chorus and so on.

7 couplet.

I remember the days
I was born almost at the end of the century,
Time I have not seen
Maybe good
And maybe bad
What is born in the world of freedom
But here's a fight
And the new age may
Repeat the fate of that age behind!

Chorus and so on.

8 couplet.

Oh times of crosses
Bruce Lee is a great fighter,
Ali is a great boxer,
Stalin punisher, but our leader,
Who still kept
The explosion of the earth and destruction,
Great Union,
And then he left,
And followed in the footsteps,
Those who are not worthy
And the top of the world and crosses!

Chorus and so on.

9 couplet.

Tsar Nicholas is killed,
The first leader of the USSR came,
May peace come
After a long war,
And two world
Great and heroic,
And then there was a change
Spinning life
Like a stone of fate,
With crosses and enemies,
And the path will be left behind
In times of crosses!

Chorus and so on.

10 couplet.

Twentieth Century,
Unseen wonders
And the remaining times
And the people left in the days of the warrior,
A terrible, golden age of change,
Everything has changed
And even the whole world twice,
And the memory bruises remained,
Where eternal crosses forever !,
Heal the wounds of the century!
And long and long centuries!
And they still protect !,
Crosses of the century, like the plast of the times!

Twentieth Century!,
Our time, which is crosses,
Reminds and treats time
The world of great crosses!
Twentieth Century!!!!,
The twentieth century of the great crosses of the Earth !!!

2 times Chorus and so on.