Ressler, Hitchin, Prescott

4х22 сериала Чёрный Список.
Агент ФБР Дональд Ресслер становится соучастником убийства.
И решает его скрыть, вызвав «чистильщика».

“Mr. Kaplan (Conclusion)”
Ressler [after] killing Lorel Hitchin
A hideous woman. A liar, a traitor.
A murderer, even—but the proof is forsaken.
She covers her tracks, she's weaving intrigues,
Her tongue's made of lies and her eyes are of steel.
She's in bed with crooked lot, no shame bathing in dirt.
I'm growing impatient: I came for my badge.
The arrogance's oozing in her sickening voice:
“One way or another. No other choice.”
 Her eyes awfully close—if she wants, she'd get.
A breath of a second—I'm pushing her back.
Heart's pounding wild, hands're all shaking.
Crimson stains everywhere. “I did it. I did.”
Eerily dancing, her body got swayed.
It shouldn't have happened. It's wrong.
 So sick. So damn sick. And too late.
Dawn's creeping through windows. “I can't do it. I can't.”
They won't say “accident”—there's no doubt in that.
“I'm not one of them! No!”—“Then get ready for jail.”
...Trembling fingers press buttons, throat's hungry for air.
Beeps turn into voice, “The address. Your name.”
"I know who you are. And now you're mine.”
A bird in a cage has more freedom than I.
Relentless he is, “You'll do it, no questions. Or rot in a jail.”
My life's hopeless wreck, one hell of a fail,
And I'm doing his bidding, half choking with hate.