1 couplet

The world is full of stars
And especially genius,
Like a legend
Among the distant stars
And the memory of them,
About people,
What is stored
Views and creations
Based on legends!

2 times Chorus

Do not overdo the geniuses of labor
They finished their journey,
And completed the goal
What lives to this day
Memory and alienation
Past works!
Geniuses! At all times!
They showed and proved!
What do you need!,
Sooner or later finish,
His heavenly work!
Genius of times!

2 couplet.

House Museum,
Paradise for genius
Who has been in it
And do not forget the truth
Great creations
Geniuses from the centuries,
And they are written,
In history and literature,
And the world remembers you
Puts you monuments
Our geniuses !,
Past times!

2 times Chorus.

3 couplet.

Great times
Great people
And creations
Great fathers,
For all of us
Transferred knowledge
And great knowledge,
Finish the creation
Life in the world !,
On the ground!,
Creation and Alienation !,
Our worlds and us!

3 times Chorus.