Underground King

1 couplet

At the bottom at the depth
One darkness and emptiness
Rot and dampness
I can not see anything,
And you will get lost,
And there is a kingdom
Unknown bloods
And the unknown kingdom,
There underground
Patron of the Earth,
Lives there!

2 times Chorus

Underground King !,
The mighty king of blood
Underground Warrior,
And the god of the whole earth !,
Keeps fire
And the souls of people at the bottom,
In the cauldron, he's powerful
Underground god
Earthly bloodshed
And he looks,
In your eyes now!
Out of the ground!

2 after chorus

Underground King !,
Ancient and mighty
God of Earth !,
Watch out for his eyes!
He will turn you!
To your world earth !,
Mighty god !,
Peace of the Earth !!

2 couplet.

On the ground is light
Good soul
And it is cold
But the world of the earth warms
And always scary
Eternal fear of the Earth,
Guardian of the Whole Earth,
What always sits on the bottom
It is secret in itself,
Great Lord of the Earth,
Under cover of night,
Out of the ground!

2 times Chorus and so on.

3 couplet.

He growls endlessly
He sits under the ground
And he sees everything from there,
Where nothing is visible
And the moans and ghouls of the Earth,
Ground blows
Powerful earthquakes,
True power
Lord of the Earth !!

3 times Chorus and so on.