Old and New Year!

1 couplet

Time is coming
When fun but sad
On the other hand,
Ours comes,
Favorite holiday,
When it all ends,
And I want one day
Celebrate and relax,
Say thanks!,
You old year !,
And Hello New Year!

2 times Chorus

New Year has come !,
And the old one went away!
Whole story
Years lived
When there is something to remember
Welcome to the New Year!
Happy New Year the whole world!
Health and good to you all!
Next year!,
And the bad is behind!
In the old year!

2 couplet.

So many days have passed,
And it will pass,
Dreams come true
In the new year,
New events
And the old go away
So much behind
You live long
And happily with love
Happy Holidays !,
Happy New Year!,
And the old past!
Which is left behind!

2 times Chorus.

3 couplet.

Forget all the pain
And all the sorrows
Let them be left behind
That past year
And think about the good
Next year,
Let everythnig will be alright,
And dreams will come true
Next year!,
And let the old one go away!
Happy New Year to all!,
Our whole world!
And the old past away!

Our Old New Year !,
And hello New Year!
Old behind !,
And new ahead!
Happy New Year to you all!

3 times Chorus.