Time Carousel

1 couplet

Sunny weather,
On the whole edge of the earth,
And one day,
In the past,
Baby times
We rode
Studying the whole world,
So it was good at heart,
When rolling around the world
Once upon a time!

2 times Chorus

Gone are the times !,
When they studied the whole world!
Twist the carousel of times!
What ever rotated !,
In our times!
Past and far !,

After chorus

Time Carousel !,
We traveled all over the world!
Around the sea, clouds!
Sun, grass and friends!
Old days !,
Carousel of times!
Which gave !,
Showed us behind !,
And then forward!

2 After Chorus

Time Carousel !,
Great time!

2 couplet.

I remember my relatives
Bright Sun around
What vividly remembers us
And we remember the times
When viewed from high,
And they looked merrily, afraid
But then there is no fear
Old times!
When drove us! Carousel!

Chorus and so on.

3 couplet.

People ride
Remember your own
Old days
When you had fun
With everyone upstairs,
Together in heaven
And overcame your fear
And it is not!
We drove all!

Chorus and so on.

4 couplet.

The times have passed,
It's a pity,
I want to return
Old days
In times of dreams,
And eternal tears,
When they broke a heart
Betrayed you everywhere
And then sought good,
And love, and then,
Got My Own !,
In the days of the old days
Carousel of times!

Chorus and so on.

5 couplet.

Oh times
I do not forget,
What a love
And my happiness
Existed in the world
And then gone,
But in the shower,
Eternal carousel of times!
My memories alone!
Carried and taken away again!
In the sky, the roundabout of times !!

2 times Chorus and so on.