Tallinn! Tallinn !,
In Estonia, the capital,
And the city that lives in darkness
We are not afraid of anyone
And obey,
Only those
Who is taller than us!

2 After Chorus.

Tallinn !,
Small city,
Here, all your
And they know each other,

3 times: And this is the former USSR!
        Land of the Ancient Lands !,
        And great legends!
        What were here!
        Where I was born!
        Thank you Lord!
        For my homeland!

4 After Chorus

Tallinn !,
Borderless City,
And thousands of lakes,
And books about war,
The history of the country and the city in them,
Where did the war fall!
And heroes! In the second!,
World War !,
And this is our former USSR!

1 couplet

My native city,
Where i was born
Poorly! One side!,
Alien Land !,
And people are not yours!
Nation is not yours !,
Good! With another!,
Traces of the true land !,
Living long ago!
Our former USSR !,
Which Russia is now !,
And this is our USSR!
Ancient Russia !,
Which was!,
In my home country !,
In my homeland !,
Where I was born!

Chorus and so on.

2 couplet.

Speak Russian,
But speak quietly
Not your people
They live in your country !,
Your motherland !,
Never to anyone!
Do not trust!,
But you are not alone
Russian Estonian,
In a foreign country!

Chorus and so on.

3 couplet.

Do not forget,
And their old heroes,
Killed in war
And whatever homeland was,
Live in peace
And adapt,
Get used to everything
What's going on around
In your home country !,
Where once
Was the USSR!
Be proud of your homeland!
With your land! Earth !,
Although you do not know people!
But the country and the city!
Where were you born!

Chorus and so on.

4 couplet.

Old days
Where is a small land,
A piece of land
Straight from the fresh,
Tasty and drinking water
Baltic Sea,
At the edge of my country,
My homeland
Then who just was not
The earth is actually holy
But conquered many times
But the holy land,
All Earth !,
Although small!
My native land !,
My motherland is the whole planet Earth!

Chorus and so on.

5 couplet.

Earth and history
In my town,
In his native country,
Country of Legends,
Earth and homeland,
This is small
But here all their
And even One,
On the edge of our land !,
Watches and sits,
On the throne of the gods,
After all the country
Scandinavian Seas,
And mythical, and Scandinavian legends,
Great legends!
In my homeland !,
In my country!,
Where I was born!

Chorus and so on.

6 couplet.

My home country is
Old legends
On the whole Earth,
Although small,
Here were the Novgorodians,
Danes, Swedes, Germans,
They beat, bombed and killed,
Everything and everyone around
A meteorite crater,
Past prehistoric times
Somewhere off the island,
Monster, and giant,
For a million years
Here was the USSR
Nevsky and Wise Yaroslav,
Emperor Nicholas,
In my native country,
Emperor Peter the First,
His slave Hannibal,
Pushkin's ancestor,
Catherine I,
In my country of legends,
Which are not forgotten!

Chorus and so on.

7 couplet.

Tallinn !,
My great motherland !,
Legends! All Earth !,
Where I was born!
Tallinn is my homeland! A country!,
And the land of old heroes!
And former legends!
Where I was born!
Oh, my legend!
In which I was born!
My ancient USSR !,
Where is one legend my!
Where I was born !,
Namely on the whole Earth!
But Tallinn is my birth city!
Where I was born!

2 times Chorus and so on.