Девять, 40

Анн Тардос

Взгляни получше - это о перечне твоих ресурсов.
Набор роскошный, многогранный, полон плюсов.
Мозг старый нового внутри и - общий черепок.

Тут скорость мне не вычислить никак, согласно квантовых законов,
И волновое уравнение в пространстве многомерном не составишь -
Не думала, что все зайдет так далеко.

О, угловой момент людей духовно близких, безрассудных:
При нагревании материя любая начинает излучать -
Основана на трении таких событий связь.

September 17, 2010
Черновой перевод: 2016-01-12
Poet, visual artist, and composer, Anne Tardos was born in Cannes, France. She grew up in Paris and moved twice in her youth—once to Budapest, where she learned Hungarian, and then to Vienna, where she learned German but attended a French high school. In 1966, she moved to the United States. Tardos is the author of the multilingual performance work Among Men, which was produced by the West German Radio, WDR, in Cologne. Her books of polylingual poems and graphics are I Am You (Salt Publishing, 2008); The Dik-dik's Solitude: New and Selected Works (Granary Books, 2002); Uxudo (1999); Mayg-shem Fish (1995); and Cat Licked the Garlic (1992). Tardos also collaborated frequently with her late husband, the poet Jackson Mac Low. She currently lives and works in New York.


Take a good look, she says about her inventory.
Palatially housed, her inflammatory and multifacete set of selves.
Old brain inside the new brain, inside the skull.
The exact velocity of quantum particles cannot be known.
Like wave equations in the space of certain dimensions.
I never thought that things would go this far.
Angular momentum of closely-knit and sexually adventurous people.
Any piece of matter, when heated, starts to glow.
It’s that kind of relationship that’s built on friction.