1 verse.

How good it is in heaven
Light, windy
One light is visible in the distance
So calm in my soul
And what soon
We will go there
Where are our relatives waiting for us
Where one good walks
Where is one freedom
Thank god! For this world!

2 times Chorus

The light sparkles in the distance
The light sparkles in the distance
There is one good and one light
There is one good and one light
Where are all our family and friends
Which we remember and will not forget
And they are in the world of heaven!

After the chorus 3 times

The Old World !,
Light and Good!

2 verse.

God help me
Take care of the soul
And the light from evil
Let one live good,
And may souls
Leave free
And happily
And where there is light
And family,
Angels and warriors
With a sword and good in my soul !,
Like an endless ray
Like the Power of Heaven!

2 times Chorus and so on.

3 verse.

Sometimes I want peace
No war
And hostility
Like an evil askal
And live a joyful soul
And understand that you are not alone
And what's up
Better than down below
Bright and good
Happy world
What a city
Flies in the sky!

2 times Chorus and so on.

4 verse.

Do not forget where
Your soul was born
And who is our father
Waiting for us all in heaven
Homes where there is no hate
And no one viciously neighs
Over your soul
And write and sing
A happy soul for everyone!
Do not be afraid! Heaven is with you !,
You will be there!

2 times Chorus and so on.

5 verse.

I am free and happy
That I was born
Life is given to me
Where I sing forever
And the memory sings
It is written in volumes
Thank! Oh my God!,
For my life !,
In the world of the living,
On the Earth,
And for heaven too !,
Thank you!,
And I will be happy !,
In heaven with you !,
My father is heaven !,
My heavenly father!

2 times Chorus and so on.

6 verse.

Good luck
My happiness
Is waiting for me,
The light burns in the soul
A signal coming in heaven
Where is my love waiting
And all I knew
They will wait for me
And I love my life
For a quiet life
With songs from the soul !,
And the light of heaven !,
The truth of heaven !,
Where will I go forever !,
And see you there again !,
Continue to sing about life !,
My love is with you
I love you!,
Therefore we will see each other !,
With you in heaven !,
My happiness is forever! In the sky!,
In the sky!

4 times Chorus and so on.