Tanks and Aircraft

1 verse.

Forest field in the distance
Flowers grow on it
Quiet and good at heart
That life is beautiful
It blooms in the fields
And no war
But there were times
When everything was bombed
Not ashamed of anything !,
Bombing all around !,
Death machines !,
Of iron by cars !,
With heroes in them!

2 times Chorus

Bombing and shaking !,
The whole earth !,
From the eternal bombs !,
And pomegranate !,
Falling to the ground !,
Blowing up tanks and people !,
And the guns around the planes!
Our heroes !,
Save on Earth !,
In the air and the seas !,
The whole world is under water!

After the chorus

Tanks and Aircraft !,
Fly and ride!
And with the ride and on the fly !,
Bomb enemies around !,
Tanks on earth
Planes in the sky !,
Like the cranes of heaven !,
Swifts of Heaven !,
And the ants on earth!

2 After the Chorus 4 times

Tanks and Aircraft !,
Like Swifts of Heaven !,
And the ants on earth!

2 verse.

The silence is around
Flowers and grass
The wind is calm away
There is sorrow and peace in my soul
That everything went
Once upon a time
No noise and war
Evil and Wheels !,
And mines on earth !,
No threats from the sky !,
Admire not yet !,
Enemies of heaven and earth!

2 times Chorus and so on.

3 verse.

Wars went on
Without end and ends
By cars
They bombed everything and everyone
Conquering the earth
And in general the whole world,
What's on your knees
Before the enemy
But contrary to fate
Heaven is bombing
Destroy the enemy of heaven
That redeemed himself
Master of heaven!

2 times Chorus and so on.

4 verse.

Wrath of the Earth
From the bombing
On her square
On the Earth
And stones come from heaven
Bomb and rage the Earth
And the wrath of the earth
And shaking the whole world
From the bombing, but earthly,
Bark like armor and shield
Which does not punch
Not a bullet, not fire
Do not stone! From the dark skies!

2 times Chorus and so on.

5 verse.

Earth is blooming
The clouds are floating
The sun is shining in the distance
Farther than the stars
On cold nights
It was so good
Great on the soul
But it wasn’t
A stone flew in
Shell from heaven
Blew up the earth
And living things
Living on her
Bombed the earth
But earthly and airy,
Brothers will come !,
Save you! From the enemies !,
From the Forces of Evil!

2 times Chorus and so on.

6 verse.

History of war
Our angels
And knights, knights
With wings and armor
They go to war against evil
In heaven and on earth
Mighty knights
And the angels of heaven
Fighters of heaven and earth
Airborne landing,
Ground shield
From a tank gun
From a heavenly car
Like a hawk in the sky
Against evil and they will defeat him !,
Great heroes of heaven and the whole earth!

4 times Chorus and so on.